Is your public institution struggling with financial management? Are you looking for a comprehensive and practical course to help your employees to successfully manage the finances of your government Ministry, Department or Agency?

Based on the book, Financial Management and Accounting in the Public Sector, this course provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully manage the finances of a government ministry or other public sector organization.

Most importantly, this self-paced, online course is highly practical, allowing participants to adapt the principles learned to their own specific context.

With this course, your institution will be well on its way to effective and efficient financial management!

Course Objectives

  • Understand the public finance management cycle
  • Manage a budget for a project, service or organization
  • Understand the sources of funding available to governments and their relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the importance of creating value for money and how to measure it
  • Know when it makes sense to involve a partner in the delivery of a project or service, and how to get the best from the partner
  • Know how to evaluate investments and projects

Course Content

  • The context of managing public money
  • The public financial management cycle
  • Public sector budgeting
  • Taxation and other sources of income
  • Budget execution
  • Preventing fraud and corruption
  • Introduction to costing
  • Project appraisal
  • Public sector procurement
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Measuring performance and value for money
  • Financial reporting and accountability

Target Audience

Finance professionals, managers and elected officials in government ministries, local governments, hospitals, schools, police forces, or any other publicly-funded organization. People working in the private sector considering a move into the public sector.

Dates On Demand
Length 20–25 hours
Pace Self Paced
Fees $500 (Introductory Price)
Language English


Gary Bandy

Gary is a chartered public finance accountant whose career in local government finance culminated with three years as Director of Financial Services at Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council. Since becoming an independent public financial management consultant in 2005, he has advised organizations in the charity sector, education, policing, local government and the private sector. He has particular expertise in outsourcing by public bodies.

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