Government Technology and Government Resource Planning News Roundup class=

Government Technology and Government Resource Planning News Roundup

Some of the more interesting government technology stories from last week, collected by the FreeBalance Strategy and Innovation Group.
G20 DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION COMMITMENT: “Harnessing Digitalisation: Digital transformation is a driving force of global, innovative, inclusive and sustainable growth and can contribute to reducing inequality and achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To this end, we need to bridge digital divides along multiple dimensions, including income, age, geography and gender.”
1/3 OF BRITISH IT PROJECTS DOOMED FOR FAILURE? Kat Hall of The Register reports on research by Axelos who manage PRINCE2 project management methodology.  The report finds taht 31% of British IT projects failed over the past year. These results are consistent with the UK Government National Audit Office analysis.
NOT ALL ERP FAILURES ARE IN GOVERNMENT: Rob O’Neill of New Zealand Reseller News reports that Kiwibank NZ$100M SAP project is going well over budget. That does not bode well for complex government implementations that attempt to use software originally developed for the private sector – when the private sector is so challenged.
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ENABLES PUBLIC SECTOR: Kevin C. Desouza, Rashmi Krishnamurthy, and Gregory S. Dawson of the Brookings Institution identifies lessons learned in AI implementations in government. “While AI has the potential to transform decisionmaking processes, these tools are often promoted as one-size-fits-all policy solution.” The authors identify five key considerations.
GOVERNMENTS FALLING BEHIND IN CYBERSECURITY: Scott Nicholas of ExecutiveGov reports on the results on United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union survey on cybersecurity. Have of the countries surveyed have not implemented a national cybersecurity strategy.
TIME FOR GOVERNMENTS TO ADOPT THE PUBLIC CLOUD? Derek du Preez of Diginomica interviewed Amazon Web Services’ VP of worldwide public sector, Teresa Carlson. Carlson identifies antiquated procurement methods as the main barrier for public cloud adoption.
INNOVATION IN GOVERNMENT? Get out of the building & use the same “innovation language” – some of the advice from Silicon Valley guru, Steve Blank