Smart and Open Government News Roundup class=

Smart and Open Government News Roundup

Interesting smart cities, smart government, open government and open data stories courtesy of the FreeBalance Strategy and Innovation Group.
OECD PUBLISHES OPEN GOVERNMENT DRAFT RECOMMENDATIONS: The OECD requests public comments in mandate for evidence-based analysis of open government.
CORRUPTION PREVENTS CITIES FROM BECOMING SMART: Smart governance and dedicated Mayor needed to turn around bribery and corruption for smart cities. This article in Urbana World describes how corruption in Indian cities has resulted in ineffective infrastructure investments, and lessons from New York and London.
CYBERSECURITY IN THE NEWS WITH 280% INCREASE IN IoT ATTACKS: F5 Labs identifies significant increase in malware and “thingbots” in Internet of Things attacks in recent report. A Trend Micro report from late May asked whether smart cities are “being designed with security in mind?”