It is less risky to buy software from large software manufacturers class=

It is less risky to buy software from large software manufacturers

Enterprise Software Success Myth #9

Doug Hadden, VP Products

FreeBalance is a medium-sized Independent Software Vendor (ISV) with considerable success competing against very large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors. We are sharing 16 lessons learned by bucking conventional wisdom to encourage industry innovation and creativity.

Conventional View

Many organizations believe that the best approach to avoid risk is to acquire technology solutions from the largest vendors. No one very got fired for buying from the largest vendors is the conventional thinking.


Highly complex solutions are acquired from the largest vendors. These solutions become expensive to manage and result in not meeting planned budget, timeliness or benefits. In the course of avoiding risk, the organization has introduced more risk.

Emerging Trends

FreeBalance Approach

  • Focus on optimizing the software footprint avoiding “bloatware” that requires additional hardware and power consumption
  • Direct involvement in the implementation and participation in the governance structure including committing to product features and delivery
  • Focus on a single “vertical market” – government, to provide optimized advice to clients while building in government-specific features
  • Holistic approach to customer-support with a customer-centric product development method and  eliminating barriers between support, services and product development groups and cross functional SWAT teams  when problems arise
  • Eliminate forcing customers to upgrade software when it is not needed