(PEM) Public Expenditure Management Modules

(PEM) Public Expenditure Management Modules

Enables governments to manage all spending functions

Module Overview

FreeBalance’s (PEM) Public Expenditure Management product pillar reflects all functions related to government spending. PEM modules can be implemented individually or combined into a unified solution.

(PECM) Contract Management

Seamlessly integrate payment features for comprehensive contract payment accounting.

Tailored to meet the needs of governments, FreeBalance (PECM) Contract Management captures all critical contract provisions, including workflows, milestones, narratives, and commitments. This module supports advanced payments, hold-backs, and penalties, and facilitates the generation of multiple-year commitments.

Images and reports can be uploaded, and any required changes to contract provisions as a result of re-negotiation can be made quickly and easily, ensuring agile contract management across multiple phases.

(PECT) Catalogue Management

Streamline procurement processes and elevate efficiency with FreeBalance (PECT) Catalogue Management.

With customizable workspaces and an unlimited capacity for supplier catalogues, (PECT) Catalogue Management is the perfect solution for governments to manage records of goods and services.

This module efficiently manages vendor catalogues, allowing seamless upload of product information, pictures, and equivalents by vendors or civil servants.

This accessible and easy-to-use digital tool enhances accessibility and organization of information, providing a comprehensive platform for government catalogue management.

(PEEP) e-Procurement Portal

Build trust with transparent procurement data at the touch of a button.

FreeBalance’s (PEEP) e-Procurement Portal is your partner in managing the procurement process.

This module integrates with back office systems to provide simple access to key supplier, tender, pricing and terms data. It also integrates with contract management to show actual payments made to winning bidders.

Publishing procurement notices is quick and straightforward, and, thanks to built-in user-friendly tools, suppliers can create, edit and upload proposals.

(PEGP) Electronic Government Procurement

A dynamic digital solution for streamlined government procurement processes.

(PEGP) Electronic Government Procurement effortlessly generates comprehensive procurement documents. It excels in multi-tender procurement management, seamlessly handling assessment phases such as bid evaluation and post-invitation.

With links to asset management, purchasing, contract management, and e-procurement sites, it supports multiple-stage bids and accommodates changes in procurement dates and contents.

(PEGP) Electronic Government Procurement stands out with its adaptable workflow configurations and robust support for dispute resolution and correspondence.

(PEPR) Purchasing & Expenditure

Optimize government procurement across the purchase and commitment cycle with FreeBalance’s (PEPR) Purchasing & Expenditure module.

(PEPR) Purchasing & Expenditure brings together our (PEEM) Government Expenditure Management and (PEPU) Government Purchasing Management modules into one comprehensive solution.

It facilitates diverse purchasing methods, and allows users to browse online catalogues and create purchase requisitions.

With standalone rollovers for the next year and historical price tracking/projections for catalogue items, it offers a robust procurement solution which supports your Annual Purchasing Plan.

(PEEM) Government Expenditure Management

Comprehensive expenditure management tools where you need them most.

FreeBalance’s (PEEM) Government Expenditure Management module zooms in on expenditure management, ensuring you have all the data you need at your fingertips.

It provides streamlined functionality from our (PEPR) Purchasing and Expenditure module, giving you detailed expenditure management and reporting tools in an easy-to-use form.

This module enables finance professionals to efficiently set up payments for key purchases, while ensuring transparency around how public funds are spent.

(PEPU) Government Purchasing Management

Full purchasing management functionality, in one easy-to-use solution.

The (PEPU) Government Purchasing Management module from FreeBalance is a key tool in any government’s expenditure management approach.

Offering streamlined purchasing functionality, (PEPU) Government Purchasing Management focuses on the purchasing tools government finance teams need to ensure effective and transparent financial processes.

Setting up catalogue items and purchasing methods is easy, and real-time purchase order and purchase requisition management ensures that budget commitment information is always up-to-date.

(PESM) Spend Management

Ensure a comprehensive view of expenditure across all external spend categories.

With a focus on continuous process improvement and ongoing cost savings, FreeBalance (PESM) Spend Management provides greater control over spending and risks.

This module allows for thorough analysis of previous purchases and compares prices by quantity, location, time and vendor.

It tracks all activities in the “procurement to pay” process, enabling bulk tender generation and identifying alternative products from purchase requisitions to create savings.

(PERF) Government Expenditure Revolving Funds

Seamlessly create, approve, and maintain revolving funds.

(PERF) Government Expenditure Revolving Funds streamlines the management of a range of rotative funds types. Configurable management allows rotative funds (including hierarchical funds) to be assigned to specific expenditure units, permissible expenditure types and associated bank accounts to be customized.

This module ensures prompt fund replenishment with redistribution controls, and users can manage any increases in revolving funds easily.

Efficient management of petty cash and advance payments are built in.

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