Customer Centric Processes in Operation at the FreeBalance International Steering Committee Conference class=

Customer Centric Processes in Operation at the FreeBalance International Steering Committee Conference

Doug Hadden, VP Products

FISC 2013 is our Seventh Annual FreeBalance International Steering Committee conference. The FISC approach differs from the traditional technology user group conference in many ways – good ways, we think

For one thing, FISC is about enabling customers to influence FreeBalance, not the other way around.

In the spirit of transparency, we were live tweeting from FISC last week and we’ve ‘storified’ it below. FISC is a key element of our customer service strategy:

Customer Centric in Action?

FreeBalance International Steering Committee customer-centric processes at FISC7 in January 2013 in Ottawa Canada

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Gerard Rao facilitated a customer service improvements brainstorm. He began by explaining the challenges of global support because FreeBalance has implementations in all six World Bank regions and in North America.
Gerard Rao presenting at #FISC7 on improving #custserv by showing current processes
Gerard Rao: how can we improve our #ISO9001 #custserv processes? Customer brainstorm & case study at #FISC7FreeBalance
Gerard Rao: global support is handled via #cloud to ensure leveraging the right people on the case #custserv #FISC7FreeBalance
Gerard Rao: customer point of contact has access to internal case management system for internal help desk #FISC7FreeBalance
Gerard Rao: FreeBalance set up local-regional offices to handle similar languages, cultures, time zones #custserv #FISC7FreeBalance
Gerard Rao: local FreeBalance offices mirror customer configuration & can provide disaster recovery #custserv #FISC7FreeBalance
Gerard Rao: mirror local office data with head office in #Ottawa for disaster recovery #FISC7FreeBalance
Mirroring Gerard Rao? scariest #FISC7 slideFreeBalance
Gerard Rao: the sun never sets on the FreeBalance #custserv world #FISC7FreeBalance
Gerard Rao: advantage of logging cases enables seeing history/patterns & hold FreeBalance accountable #FISC7 #custservFreeBalance
Gerard Rao: use of knowledge base is effective to solve problems #custserv #FISC7FreeBalance
Gerard Rao: gets the same issue every year from the same customer with the same staff, how can we solve this? #FISC7FreeBalance
Gerard Rao: emergency case 4pm Friday, was responded to immediately asking for details #FISC7, did not have sufficient infoFreeBalance
FreeBalance customer: use of electronic portal, takes some time before people realize that action will be taken #FISC7 #custservFreeBalance
FreeBalance #custserv shows reduction in number of open cases since 2008, slight increase with new sw release #FISC7
Gerard Rao recommends that internal government help desks should have #SLAs to set expectations #FISC7FreeBalance
FreeBalance customer: new staff in governments often untrained on help desk procedures, sees #SLAs for internal a good idea #FISC7FreeBalance
FreeBalance Customer: often person can’t recreate the problem they were reporting, it’s a capacity issue #FISC7FreeBalance
Gerard Rao: FreeBalance Fridays, end of work week, push out revision updates, certified, easy delivery #FISC7FreeBalance
#Canada has strict privacy laws so government data is secure at FreeBalance in our Protected B facility #FISC7FreeBalance
Gerard Rao: explaining confidentiality and security considerations for government customer data #custserv #FISC7FreeBalance
FreeBalance developed a new process for developing the product roadmap. FreeBalance presents the draft 2 year plan to FISC every year. Government customers adapt the roadmap based on a brainstorming method followed by voting. Doug Hadden facilitated the 2 roadmap sessions.
Doug Hadden, #FISC7 product roadmap + 6 thinking hats
we’re about 1/2 way through the #FISC7 roadmap process with customers – where customers set our priorities
Doug Hadden presenting the current product roadmap status #FISC7, customers will be changing the roadmap after voting Thursday #custservFreeBalance

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