(GPM) Government Performance Management Modules

(GPM) Government Performance Management Modules

Empowers governments to improve results and outcomes

Module Overview

FreeBalance’s (GPM) Government Performance Management tools empower governments to proactively monitor and improve results and outcomes on an ongoing basis. By implementing the following modules, either individually or as part of a unified solution, governments can enhance transparency, enable data-based decision making and support continuous improvement.

(GPBB) Budget Book Builder

Create comprehensive, user-friendly budget books with ease.

(GPBB) Budget Book Builder streamlines budgetary processes by automating the collection of planning and historical data and using this to create meticulously collated budget books complete with a user-friendly table of contents.

This module ensures consistency in formats and narratives through templates. Users can effortlessly compile reports and online support documentation, seamlessly integrating data from (GPBB) Budget Book Builder with Microsoft Word or Excel for editable electronic or printable PDF copies.

(GPPB) Government Performance Budgeting

Automate the entire budget planning workflow with (GPPB) Government Performance Budgeting.

This module efficiently facilitates multi-year budget planning and forecasting across public investment, capital, salary, recurrent and development budget streams. It also supports budget transfers, virements, supplemental budgets and temporary budgets.

(GPPB) Government Performance Budgeting allows governments to easily analyze budget data and create ‘what if’ scenarios. It supports narratives and attachments for budget proposals, improving access to key information for decision making.

(GPPM) Government Performance Management

Comprehensive monitoring of financial and non-financial outcomes.

(GPPM) Government Performance Management ensures precise budget execution oversight, monitoring each target result. It incorporates non-financial measures to map outputs and outcomes, enhancing analysis within the (GPPB) Government Performance Budgeting module.

This module facilitates the creation of a performance logic map structure, aligning seamlessly with the chart of accounts, and supports multiple output and outcome targets.

Its flexible configuration accommodates various performance metrics, including KPIs, OKRs, scorecards, and balanced scorecards.

(GPCE) President/Prime Minister Dashboard

At-a-glance access to the information Executive Leaders need.

The (GPCE) President/Prime Minister Dashboard is tailor made for those in the highest levels of public sector leadership.

This customizable dashboard tracks the data most important to Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chief Executives, allowing for quick and easy analysis in real time.

Financial and non-financial data is displayed in text or graphical formats, allowing critical issues to be easily monitored or further analyzed.

(GPMD) FreeBalance Minister’s Dashboard

Ministry-specific intelligence at your fingertips.

This customizable dashboard tracks important data and issues relevant to government ministers. Using transactions from individual ministries, it streamlines performance management for busy ministers.

Presented in an executive scorecard format, with a mix of text and graphics, ministers can quickly see how their ministry is performing against financial and non-financial performance targets.

Each metric tracked is interactive within the dashboard, and can be further delved into for deeper analysis.

(GPED) Economic Dashboard

Access to key financial data from a range of sources.

The FreeBalance (GPED) Economic Dashboard provides Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers with public finance information from the budget and beyond.

Covering budget, debt management, tax, customs, payroll and procurement information, this customizable dashboard displays critical data in easily understandable text or visual form, and enables drilldown for further detailed analysis of critical data if desired.

Data in the FreeBalance (GPED) Economic Dashboard is presented in real-time to allow for informed decision-making.

(GPMG) Manager’s Dashboard

Equip managers with the tools they need to make effective financial decisions.

The FreeBalance (GPMG) Manager’s Dashboard is a customizable data visualization tool which allows managers to monitor the issues relevant to them.

Financial and non-financial outputs and outcomes can be easily tracked, enabling quick yet informed decision-making.

Data can be displayed as text, graphics or a mix. The dashboard is interactive, meaning that managers can click on any metric to dive deeper into the data for further analysis.

Additional Reading

Complexity of Government Performance Management Government performance management is not something that can be sustained by using stand-alone software. Or, software designed for the private sector. A unified approach across the budget cycle is required. Learn more here.
Government Results and Performance Management: The Unified Approach Ideas about how to classify and manage government performance - outputs and outcomes - has progressed to the realm of transparency. The critical question is how can governments demonstrate budget plans designed for citizen services and follow through to show the actual results - much like we have helped the Government of Timor-Leste.
How to Manage (and Measure) Government Performance The balanced scorecard enables tying long-term government goals to annual and medium-term budget proposals which improves program evaluation. The balanced scorecard is also an effective transparency mechanism as it provides evidence of progress towards goals and validates policy.