Smart Prosperity

Helping Governments Meet Their National Development Goals

FreeBalance Smart Prosperity advisory services are specifically designed to assist governments in achieving their national development goals. With a focus on improving governance, sustainable development, and citizen wellbeing, the program offers a range of services to support these objectives. By leveraging digital technology, process engineering, transparency, and Public Financial Management (PFM) reform, governments can enhance their operations and drive positive outcomes. Through the adoption of innovative digital tools, governments can improve service delivery, streamline processes, increase efficiency, reduce cost and ensure inclusivity. By prioritizing transparency, governments can establish systems that foster accountability and trust, engaging citizens through open data initiatives and effective communication strategies. Additionally, through PFM reform, governments can effectively manage public funds, allocate resources, and promote sustainable economic growth, ultimately improving citizen well-being. FreeBalance Smart Prosperity empowers governments to create stronger, more resilient societies that thrive in the modern era.

FreeBalance can help to:

  • Create financial and governance dashboards
  • Launch portals for fiscal transparency, policy and recruitment
  • Enable legal reform to support the PFM reform agenda
  • Integrate government resource planning systems
  • Leverage participatory budgeting
  • Benchmark and reengineer important PFM processes
  • Access self-service business intelligence
  • Manage public service talent

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