Government Resource Planning

Public Financial Management Solutions

FreeBalance provides an advisory service to analyze all IT systems, GRP systems and infrastructure to develop risk-based recommendations to improve integrated controls, decision data and government fiscal transparency.

FreeBalance can help:

  • Implement Government Resource Planning software
  • Automate government processes
  • Adapt software to meet government requirements
  • Reengineer business processes
  • Develop test scenarios
  • Conduct test scenarios
  • Support international standards
  • Manage reform and modernization
  • Develop rollout plan
  • Support Go-Live process
  • Maintain software and systems
  • Manage program and project
  • Build civil service knowledge and capacity
  • Develop training programs
  • Develop agile information technology practices including design thinking and lean
  • Implement data centers and cloud computing infrastructures
  • Manage organizational change
  • Support government fiscal transparency

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about FreeBalance’s GRP Advisory Services

Government Resource Planning (GRP) refers to the management of the various processes related to the sound use and implementation of financial and non-financial resources in public entities. A GRP system like the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ is software designed for the unique requirements of Public Financial Management. GRP software is budget-driven through the use of commitment accounting, where the budget is the legal embodiment of government objectives. Commitment accounting is used only in government and other forms of public financial management.

The government’s Ministry of Finance, or its equivalent depending on the form of government, oversees Government Resource Planning for the whole of government. Each ministry, agency or department has its own budget or finance office who are responsible for GRP in each entity. Usually, the Ministry of Finance works with these budget or finance officers to implement and execute policies and systems such as the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™.

Proper GRP ensures that a government effectively and efficiently delivers its legal mandate. GRP helps to improve the wellbeing of citizens while also maximizing the use of available financial resources. It also helps prevent corruption by promoting transparency, accountability and value-for-money.

A GRP system is a complete software solution built for governments to enable them to properly manage their budgets. It covers the whole budget cycle including budget preparation and budget execution. Budget preparation is the key mechanism for governments to determine how objectives will be met and how to improve government performance. Government revenue and expenditures are managed during budget execution using commitment accounting. A GRP solution such as the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ enables governments or, depending on the kind of deployment, entities (e.g., ministries, agencies, departments) within governments to properly prepare, implement and account for their annual budgets.

The FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ is a commercial-off-the-shelf GRP solution that automates the management of the entire government budget cycle, including policy-based budgeting, medium-term expenditure frameworks (MTEF), budget transfers, spending priorities, external resource management, special project accounts and fiscal decentralization. It is highly configurable and can be localized to suit the unique needs of governments.

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