Improving Governance in Government

Technology agnostic advisory services enable governments to develop effective reform agendas.

FreeBalance can help drive PFM by working with governments to:

  • Benchmark processes
  • Engineer business processes
  • Scale effective government practices
  • Identify areas for process improvement through technology
  • Develop national development strategies
  • Manage reform and modernization
  • Invest in sustainable development
  • Support international standards
  • Prioritize and sequence public financial management reform
  • Decentralize processes and systems
  • Support government fiscal transparency

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about FreeBalance’s Governance Advisory Services

According to the World Bank “Governance is the manner in which power is exercised in the management of a country’s economic and social resources for development.” Governance in government refers to the institutions, policies and systems that enable any public organization (e.g., ministry, agency, government department) to effectively achieve its mandate and objectives in a transparent, accountable and participatory manner. It is the way in which a government delivers social and economic development for its country.

Governance ensures that government bodies are executing their legal mandates and are accountable to citizens.

A government is a political system of institutions that control and administer a population within a territory. This is made up of various organizations such as ministries, agencies and public corporations. Governance refers to the means by which organizations, including the government, operate and are held to account.

A governance process is the set of procedures and guidelines in place within a business or government to ensure that the requisite standards of governance are met. This could include the development, implementation and review of policies, rules and guidelines as well as technology such as the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ to ensure compliance, flag non-compliance and provide the dashboards, alerts and reports required.

Different institutions have different types of governance in line with their different mandates. The main types of governance are: Public Governance, Private Governance and Global Governance. However, within each of these categories there are multiple subsets. In order to create common governance standards, many global organizations have created sector specific rules such as International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) which are a set of accounting standards used by public sector entities around the world.

The FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ provides governments with a unified and fully integrated view of the full budget cycle. Our Government Resource Planning (GRP) system manages all of a government’s critical fiscal systems. The Suite’s Government Performance Management functionality is particularly important in terms of governance as it provides the ability to tie performance directly to budgeting and to publicly share these results. Transparency and accountability are fundamental to good governance.

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