More Than Just Budgeting class=

More Than Just Budgeting

Over 50 Different Modules in the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™

Across 25+ countries, the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ is trusted to manage over $350 billion in budget dollars. This is more than just budgeting. FreeBalance solutions empower governments to deliver economic growth, accountability and transparency to their citizens.

With more than 50 different modules providing end-to-end public financial management functionality, the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ can be progressively activated to meet the evolving requirements of your PFM reform program.

Here are some highlighted modules that could help to improve your PEFA assessment and transparency rankings.

Highlighted Modules

Government Performance Management (GPM)

  • Transparency Portal
    • Strategically important tool that provides citizens with unencumbered access to government budget and expenditure information
  • President / Prime Minister Dashboard
    • Using all government transactions, the dashboard provides executive scorecards that can be used interactively for deeper analysis
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Public Financials Management (PFM)

  • Fleet Management
    • A holistic tool to manage the full lifecycle of government vehicles and includes fleet monitoring and tracking
  • Stores and Inventory
    • Enables purchases from stores in the purchasing process, linked to the receiving process
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Public Expenditure Management (PEM)

  • eProcurement Site
    • A marketplace where vendors can participate in an equal opportunity environment that is monitored by everyone
  • Electronic Government Procurement
    • A multi-tender tool that manages procurement assessment phases including bid evaluation and requests for proposals
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Government Treasury Management (GTM)

  • Debt Management
    • Modelling and planning for debt instruments integrated with budget planning, commitment accounting and payment systems
  • Cash Management
    • Recording and forecasting of cash availability across bank accounts to reduce debt and increase investment income
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Government Receipts Management (GRM)

  • Permits and Licensing
    • Manages corporate, professional and academic permits and licenses
  • Customs Taxation
    • Customs software that supports the processing of taxation as well as import tariffs
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Civil Service Management (CSM)

  • Civil Service Planning
    • Comprehensive planning, budgeting and in year forecasting tool for effective salary expenditure management
  • Capacity Building and Training
    • Increases government capacity through training, capacity building programs, succession planning and pay for performance
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Accelerate PFM Reform in Your Country

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