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PFM Knowledge Sharing, Part 6: Implementing the IFMIS

This is part 6 of the 9 part series on PFM knowledge sharing. FreeBalance provides a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) IFMIS suite that is used in many countries around the world. We hope that the following is sufficiently objective to be of value to you. Public Financial Management practitioners have provided many details to how Integrated Financial Management … Continued

How Fighting Corruption and Implementing Effective Public Financial Management Systems Improve Citizen Wellbeing

The latest World Happiness Report in the report indicates that FreeBalance customers improved their perceptions of corruption scores by an average 1.74% vs the global average improvement of 0.09%, indicating that the investments made in the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™, an integrated and unified Government Resource Planning (GRP) solution, have strengthened accountability and transparency mechanisms in these countries.

Differences Between Civil Service Management and Human Resources in the Private Sector

This blog discusses the key differences between civil service management and human resources in the private sector, including the importance of budget planning, payment management and commitment control. It also explains why private sector HR solutions may be inappropriate for civil service management and outlines considerations for success in both the public and private sectors.

How to Stop Corruption in Government Procurement

Corruption is a complex and multifaceted issue that has far-reaching implications for government procurement. It has devastating effects on the overall functioning of government institutions and can lead to a breakdown in trust between citizens and their leaders. Find out how Government Resource Planning systems help to combat corruption in government procurement.

How Public Financial Management Mitigates Global Risks

For the last four decades, FreeBalance has helped governments around the world implement PFM reform to support their goals. While improved Public Financial Management does not offer a universal solution for all government challenges, it is critical nonetheless. The PFM toolkit offers governments the opportunity to manage global risks and build country resilience.

GRP and Public Investment Management

The rising interest in public investment management includes finding better automation and management solutions through the use of government budgeting software such as (GTM) Government Treasury Management software from the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™. 

Civil Service Management – What Works and What Doesn’t?

In any organization, there will always be areas that management can improve upon. The civil service is no different – over the years, various systems have been implemented around the world in an attempt to improve efficiency. But what works and what doesn’t? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the successes and failures of civil service management, in order to help governments choose the best system for their needs.

How to Stop Government Corruption

FreeBalance has developed a framework to show how Government Resource Planning (GRP) software can help improve governance outcomes and stop corruption in government.

And the proof is in the pudding… the latest Corruption Perception Index by Transparency International showed an average improvement of 1.6 points for FreeBalance customers vs global average decline of -0.1 in the review period.

Getting Civil Service Reform Right

Civil service reform has emerged as one of the most important modern facets of achieving this goal – enabling governments to streamline their civil service, shift strategic focus, attract experienced personnel and provide services more efficiently.

Government Resource Planning in Post Conflict Countries

In countries emerging from conflict, the lack of an effective Government Resource Planning (GRP) system can lead to a range of problems, including the mismanagement of public funds and corruption which exacerbates poverty and civil unrest. A well-functioning GRP system is essential for any country looking to secure a sustainable future. 

Capacity Building in South Sudan

The FreeBalance Academy trained representatives from the Ministry of Finance on various functionalities of the upgraded version of the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ that is being implemented in South Sudan.

Unsustainable Levels of Public Debt – A Global Crisis

Lurking behind every session at the Annual Meetings was the impact of the global public debt crisis on citizens. The question being asked by everyone was: how can governments and the international community deal with poverty, food insecurity, inflation, and climate change with disappearing fiscal space? Learn more.

Public Financial Management and the Budget Cycle

Public Financial Management (PFM) is the process by which governments raise and spend public funds. It encompasses everything from budgeting, revenue collection, and expenditure management to treasury operations, auditing and civil service management. The budget cycle is the series of steps that governments follow to prepare, approve and implement their annual budgets.