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Enhanced PFM for Courts Administration Service

The upgrade to Version 7 of the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ provides the Courts Administration Service with a unified, web-based solution with benefits like a multi-year graphical chart of accounts, fully configurable workflow management and enhanced reporting.

How Does Public Financial Management Support the SDGs?

Public Financial Management (PFM) is often seen as a cross-cutting governance reform. The notion is that PFM improvements can lead to service delivery, anti-corruption, public investment and equality improvements – in other words, good PFM supports the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How to Improve FMIS Tenders

FMIS tenders result from complex strategic, tactical and administrative work. To improve FMIS tenders one needs to understand this process.

What is Government Digital Transformation?

Government digital transformation is about technology investment changes. It is about driving new value for citizens. And, it’s about “business model” changes. It’s about change. Most importantly, a digital mindset is needed.

3 Major Public Finance Innovation Takeaways from the Pandemic

Public Finance Innovation is Thriving Globally, Driven by the Covid-19 Crisis! Learn more about public finance innovation at the upcoming May 4th. International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management webinar: Public Finance Innovation for Sustainable Development: How can finance ministries help governments plan, budget, procure, and manage results in a post-pandemic world There’s been no lack of … Continued

Have you Wondered Why Advanced Economies Struggle with Pandemic Spending Reallocation?

Also, why are there many “spending reviews” in developed countries? Why can’t advanced economy governments leverage program and performance structures to: rapidly respond to spending needs during fiscal shocks like pandemics and economic crises?  easily adjust spending priorities based on actual performance?  quickly reorient spending priorities based on political promises made by new governments in … Continued

Government Resource Planning Success Blueprint

Large Government IT Projects = High Risk Government organizations struggle to successfully implement Government Resource Planning (GRP) systems. This includes custom-developed Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS), the customization of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other commercial enterprise software applications. Implementations of software originally developed for the private sector are particularly challenged. There seems to be … Continued

Government Salary Planning in the 21st Century

Government financial management is about 3 things: Budgets Budgets Budgets Planning for 15% to 20% of GDP Yet many public sector organizations fail to adequately budget for salaries and public service costs like training and expenses. The government “wage bill” is often the largest category of government expenses in many government organizations. Developed country public services … Continued

What is the use case for Public Investment Planning feedback loops?

Public investment planning is often inaccurate because of poor estimates. Projects are often delayed, and budgets are often exceeded. There are often unexpected operation costs after the bridge, road, street, hospital or school is built. Estimates are particularly inaccurate for smart city investments. Memorandums of Understanding are signed with large vendors before priorities are well-understood. … Continued

Evidence of FreeBalance GRP Success

An Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) or Government Resource Planning (GRP) “can enable prompt and efficient access to reliable financial data and help strengthen government financial controls, improving the provision of government services, raising the budget process to higher levels of transparency and accountability, and expediting government operations.” FreeBalance is recognized as a major provider … Continued

Scenario in Automating Good Governance: Government Resource Planning (GRP) for Public Service Reform

This series examines different scenarios and the impact of Government Resource Planning (GRP) to improve governance. [Framework described in more detail.]   Information and Communications Technology (ICT) initiatives such as Government Resource Planning (GRP), sometimes known as Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) for government, are seen as an expression of PFM reform. Diamond and Khemani … Continued