FreeBalance Partner Forum #PartnersStrongerTogether class=

FreeBalance Partner Forum #PartnersStrongerTogether

We completed our first global virtual partner forum earlier today put together by Bridget Kelly, our Vice President of Alliances and Knowledge Management, and her team.  Our partners help governments to achieve good governance objectives. Change management, budget transparency, rule of law, government resource planning, and digital transformation were discussed.

Organizational Change Management and Cross-Cultural Communications

Jessica Zucal from Evans Consulting introduced change management in a global world. She introduced common cultural assumption traps and what to do about them.

Aldo Sagastume, FreeBalance Vice President Public Financial Management, spoke about the difference between ERP, originally designed for the private sector, and government-specific GRP. GRP is not ERP.

Jason Olson of Konung International spoke about the need to link civil society engagement with budget transparency. He pointed out how poor budget practices can lead to poor health and security outcomes.

I spoke about public finance innovation for sustainable development. An extended version of this overview will be provided in an International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM) webinar on May the 4th.

Patrick Stevens of the Optima Group  spoke about the integration of rule of law and justice development integrated with public finance reform for anticorruption.