“The core priorities of the Kiribati Development Plan are to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality and injustice through inclusive economic growth, building human capabilities, enhancing the capacity of the state, and strengthening the institutions of good governance and democracy. Governance is one of our key priority areas and we look forward to strengthening accountability and improving service delivery through the implementation of the IFMIS.”

— Vice President and Minister for Finance and Economic Development, Kirbati

Building Resilience and Enhancing Prosperity Through Effective PFM in Kiribati

The Government of Kiribati selected FreeBalance to support effective public financial management (PFM) in 2022. The country’s Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) leverages the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ to enhance transparency and accountability, support progress towards strategic growth and development objectives, build resilience and ensure future prosperity for the islands.

The FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ enables effective management of public finances across the budget cycle, from budget preparation, through treasury management, assets and expenditure management, and monitoring of debt, grants and aid. In addition, FreeBalance’s (CSM) Civil Service Management tools drive enhanced HR processes and oversight, including records, attendance and leave management and payroll.

Kiribati’s IFMIS supports 15,000 full-time equivalent public officials to more effectively deliver government business while ensuring high levels of compliance with governmental policies.


As with all FreeBalance projects, a local team of experienced staff supported the new IFMIS implementation, supported by expertise from technical and PFM professionals located around the world. This team ensured that all technical and functional requirements of the project were met, and crucially, oversaw PFM training and capacity building activity to enable staff from the Government of Kiribati to get the most from the new system.


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