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3 Major Public Finance Innovation Takeaways from the Pandemic

Public Finance Innovation is Thriving Globally, Driven by the Covid-19 Crisis! Learn more about public finance innovation at the upcoming May 4th. International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management webinar: Public Finance Innovation for Sustainable Development: How can finance ministries help governments plan, budget, procure, and manage results in a post-pandemic world There’s been no lack of … Continued

Have you Wondered Why Advanced Economies Struggle with Pandemic Spending Reallocation?

Also, why are there many “spending reviews” in developed countries? Why can’t advanced economy governments leverage program and performance structures to: rapidly respond to spending needs during fiscal shocks like pandemics and economic crises?  easily adjust spending priorities based on actual performance?  quickly reorient spending priorities based on political promises made by new governments in … Continued

Why does FreeBlance Focus on the Global Government Market?

FreeBalance Business Model Defies Conventional Thinking People ask why FreeBalance focuses on the global government market. Or, why FreeBalance builds software. Surely, there’s more money to be made supporting Oracle or SAP ERP. There’s a lot more revenue available to customize ERP systems than build government-specific GRP software  After all, ERP systems cost twice as … Continued

Rethinking Public Financial Management

Many PFM interventions are thought to be of a “technical” nature. Technology is acquired, legal frameworks changed, capacity built and all sorts of positive outcome ensue.

Digital Transformation Lessons from IMF/WB Spring Meetings

Context Are digital technologies the magic bullet for sustainable development and good governance? Technology optimism and pessimism was on display at the annual International Monetary Fund and World Bank Spring Meetings last week in Washington. I was fortunate to attend numerous sessions, augmented by watching webcast replays. My takeaways on sustainable development, good governance, and … Continued

Sustainable Development Lessons from IMF/WB Spring Meetings

Sustainable development drives political and economic discussion these days. As it should. As it did at the annual International Monetary Fund and World Bank Spring Meetings last week in Washington. I was fortunate to attend numerous sessions, augmented by watching webcast replays. My takeaways on sustainable development, good governance, and government digital transformation have been … Continued

Our Journey to Enabling Sustainable Growth

This article was first published by Insight Success. It wasn’t the 25 years of public finances software experience in the Government of Canada that attracted Manuel Pietra to Ottawa-based FreeBalance. With global executive experience, Pietra realized the potential to bring proven Government Resource Planning enterprise software to the world. What started as a quest to … Continued

Government Salary Planning in the 21st Century

Government financial management is about 3 things: Budgets Budgets Budgets Planning for 15% to 20% of GDP Yet many public sector organizations fail to adequately budget for salaries and public service costs like training and expenses. The government “wage bill” is often the largest category of government expenses in many government organizations. Developed country public services … Continued

Industry 4.0 Opportunities and Threats for Government

The Emerging Era of Digital transformation in Government Are governments obsolete in the emerging era of digital transformation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution: autonomous vehicles, robots, 3D printing, artificial intelligence. And, the sharing economy with the ‘uberization’ of everything. The impact of digital disruption has been a subject of discussion at the past three FreeBalance International … Continued

Public Financial Management and the Sustainable Development Goals Riddle

How can government prioritize to support the global Sustainable Development Goals? Consider this: the SDGs include 17 goals and 169 indicators. And, unlike the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the SDGs apply to all countries. Performance management experts will tell you that 169 measurements are too many for any organization. Many of the indicators are proxies that … Continued

Why are Governments Digitally Transforming?

Government digital transformation is much more than optimizing existing processes. It’s not about analog thinking, as described in the What is Digital Transformation blog post earlier this week. extent of organizational change required for government organizations to digitally transform seems overwhelming. Why do government leaders spearhead deep and disruptive organizational change? How does digital drive … Continued

ERP in Government: "Mimicry" in Action?

Why does technology work in one place, but not the other? This critical question asked by a team from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government about country development led by Matt Andrews, Lant Pritchett and Michael Woodcock. I think that their analysis applies to the high failure rate of ERP in government: isomorphic mimicry. Isomorphic mimicry is … Continued