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Our People-Centered Digital Future, 6 Takeaways

#OurDigitalFuture tag cloud Marshall McLuhan observed that any new medium uses previous media as content. It takes some time for the medium to become the message. When inherent characteristics emerge. And, societal effects measurable. So it is with the internet. We may look back at the historic Our People-Centered Digital Future conference on December 10th as … Continued

Smart and Open Government News Digest

Smart cities, open government, smart government and open data news summarized by the FreeBalance Strategy & Innovation Group. “CITY AS PLATFORM” MANIFESTO: 40 Cities signed up to the “city as platform” manifesto at a recent conference reported E&T Magazine, following 10 common principles. One of the principles supports notions of participatory budgeting in “inform political decisions and … Continued

Will Technology Prevent Smart Cities from Improving Citizen Well-Being?

My previous blog entry, Do Smart Cities Improve Citizen Well-Being? explored the holistic public policy implications of smart cities. My conclusion was that “policy makers have the opportunity to upturn the model of smart city technology acquisition from technology to well-being. It is true that monitoring well-being is challenging, as it is with any measurement … Continued

Smart government service delivery vision case

Public Financial Management (PFM) plays a significant role in smart government. FreeBalance is developing numerous “vision cases” to describe the intersection of PFM and “smart”. The planning and implementation of smart cities is enabled through PFM techniques and the use of open government. Governments cannot achieve “smart” without citizen engagement and a citizen-centric perspective. This … Continued

Are Standalone Procurement Systems a Good Idea for Government?

We’ve encountered numerous governments around the globe looking to improve value for money through electronic government procurement, sometimes called “e-GP”. Many of these governments see a need for a standalone e-procurement system built from scratch or using commercial software designed for the private sector. This is often conceived as a quick-win, particularly if integration with … Continued

The Corruption Perception Index Rant that Circled the Globe?

Doug Hadden, VP Products Alex Cobham, a Research Fellow at The Center for Global Development went on a bit of twitter rant this morning about the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) from Transparency International. We follow Alex on Twitter, so it was very interesting to read his perspective over my morning tea. I thought that it would be … Continued

What are Government Resource Planning (GRP) Good Practice Documents?

Doug Hadden, VP Products We take a bit of a different approach to communications with our market. A little less marketing and a little more sharing good practices. (Our mission is to bring good governance to countries around the world.) We were happy this week to release a set of  “good practice” documents at the … Continued

FreeBalance President & CEO Manuel Pietra Wins OCRI Next Generation Executive Award

Recognized for international country development, active participation in the global community, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) Ottawa, Canada (April 8, 2011) – FreeBalance, a For Profit Social Enterprise (FOPSE) software company that helps governments around the world to leverage robust Government Resource Planning (GRP) technology to accelerate country growth, is pleased to announce that FreeBalance … Continued