Good progress has been made… in the functioning of the Treasury Single Account (TSA); and the expenditure limits exercised through the Government Financial Management Information System.

– 2015 Mongolia PEFA Assessment

Helping Mongolia Improve Transparency

Since 2003, FreeBalance has worked with the Government of Mongolia to implement and support an integrated public financial management system using the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™. 

Transparency helps improve governance, particularly for high-growth resource-rich countries like Mongolia and the country has seen “dramatic improvements” in budget transparency as noted by the International Budget Partnership Open Budget Index (OBI).

The adoption of new budget preparation software using the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ Version 7 enabled these improvements in the Government of Mongolia’s reporting.

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Mongolia’s PFM Achievements

Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Assessment

Mongolia’s PEFA assessments show improved results.

Kosovo PEFA Scores
Kosovo PEFA Scores 2

Open Budget Index

The Government of Mongolia has achieved a significant improvement in its Open Budget Index scores.

Mongolia Open Budget Index Scores

World Happiness Report

Mongolia has seen a marked rise in its Happiness ranking in the World Happiness Report.

Mongolia Happiness Index Results

World Governance Indicators

Mongolia has made admirable progress in key indicators relating to PFM

Mongolia progression in key indicators 1
Mongolia progression in key indicators 2
Mongolia progression in key indicators 3

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