(CSM) Civil Service Management Modules

(CSM) Civil Service Management Modules

Enables governments to manage the civil service cycle

Module Overview

The FreeBalance (CSM) Civil Service management modules help governments to manage the entire employee cycle for civil servants, from recruitment to retirement.

(CSBM) Benefits Management

Efficiently manage civil servant benefits with the (CSBM) Benefits Management module.

With the FreeBalance Benefits Management module, governments can ensure timely and accurate disbursement of funds by streamlining processes for insurance, bonuses, training payments, and loans.

This module simplifies employee benefit administration, where all appropriate benefits that the government offers the civil servants can be created, calculated and processed as Cost Items. This allows for quick and seamless payments of salaries, bonuses and other payments, enhancing employee satisfaction.

(CSCB) Capacity Building and Training

Boost government capacity with the FreeBalance (CSCB) Capacity Building and Training module.

The FreeBalance (CSBC) Capacity Building and Training module offers a comprehensive view of workforce potential, supporting informed decision-making and building organizational resilience.

Employee training programs build government capacity. This module provides key, easily accessible insights into staff training and development for capacity building across the organization.

It streamlines the process of nurturing talent, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership when needed, through succession planning functionality.

(CSFD) Financial Disclosure

Effectively manage civil servants’ financial information while promoting fiscal transparency.

Financial transparency enables good governance, promotes public trust and reduces corruption.

The FreeBalance (CSFD) Financial Disclosure module enables governments to publish information about revenues, financial commitments and the assets of politicians, senior leaders, and their families. This helps to meet regulatory requirements, while safeguarding civil servants’ personal financial information. In doing so, governments demonstrate to their citizens that they are committed to fiscal accountability, transparency and openness.

(CSMV) Civil Service Movement

Supports movement of employees through the work cycle.

Retaining high-performing employees is key for organizational excellence. The FreeBalance (CSMV) Civil Service Movement module facilitates seamless employee transitions throughout individuals’ careers, regardless of moves between functions or departments.

Civil servants can easily transfer from one position to another or from one institution/department to another while maintaining their employment track record.

From onboarding to transfers all through to employee retirements, this module streamlines workforce movement, enhancing organizational agility.

(CSPA) Civil Service Performance Appraisal

Provides a comprehensive view of employee performance history and development plans.

FreeBalance’s (CSPA) Performance Appraisal module helps to drive organizational excellence by aligning individual employees’ work with overall government strategy.

Individual staff evaluations are based on specified controllable factors (such as schedules, targeted employees, performance scores and evaluation factors) and templates in order to ensure evaluations are organized and consistent.

Real-time insights into individual and team achievements allows for agile, informed performance assessment, aligned with evolving organizational goals.

(CSPL) Civil Service Planning

Empower effective civil service planning, budgeting, and in-year forecasting with the FreeBalance (CSPL) Civil Service Planning module.

The FreeBalance (CSPL) Civil Service Planning module facilitates efficient salary planning, budgeting, forecasting and reconciliation in order to realize operational improvements. This helps governments to ensure financial sustainability and strategic resource allocation.

Using powerful “What If?” forecasting scenarios, this module enables governments to easily calculate monthly/yearly accruals, reconcile planned and actual expenditure, ensure data integrity and produce thorough audit trail reports.

(CSPN) Pension Management

Seamless pension administration for civil servants.

Governments can ensure seamless retirement planning for employees with FreeBalance’s (CSPN) Pension Management module. This module supports all aspects of pension administration, promoting financial security for employees.

Organizations can define retirement types and pension categories. Pension plans are recorded for each eligible employee, including approval date, status, employee and beneficiary information and benefit plan. Seamless integration with Payroll ensures accurate and smooth payments to retired staff.

(CSRC) Recruitment

Streamlines the entire recruitment process, from candidate sourcing to onboarding.

FreeBalance’s (CSRC) Recruitment module enhances talent acquisition processes, making it simple to bring staff onboard and aligning recruitment with strategic government goals.

Easily post vacancies online, and efficiently analyze applicants. Track interview details and scores within the application to identify the best candidates swiftly. Upon the candidate accepting a job offer, they are seamlessly integrated into the system with all relevant details.

(CSSS) Employee Self-Service

Equip employees with full self-service capabilities using the FreeBalance (CSSS) Employee Self-Service module.

From leave applications to travel requests, this user-friendly module enhances employee autonomy, saves administrative time and improves engagement.

Employees can view their personal information, payroll transactions, leave requests, training information and other relevant information. They can easily update information without the need for HR involvement, where permission rights allow. Where approvals are needed, requests can be easily created and automatically sent to/returned by an approver.

(CSTA) Time and Attendance

Easily manage attendance, overtime, vacation and shift work.

The FreeBalance (CSTA) Time and Attendance Management module tracks employees’ day to day activities against the definitions captured in their individual assignment record. This allows governments to monitor the punctuality, attendance and effectiveness of staff, as well as managing vacation schedules.

This module ensures accuracy in attendance records, supporting effective workforce management. Information can be exported for use in payroll, client billing or project management contexts.

(CSTS) Travel and Subsistence

Streamline travel management while ensuring compliance with government policies.

The FreeBalance (CSTS) Travel and Subsistence module simplifies the management of employees’ business-related trips, helping to ensure that government guidelines and processes for travel are followed.

Business trips can be categorized and analyzed by type, allowing for easy calculation of per diems and allowances.

Easy and effective management of claims supports quick, consistent and transparent payments to employees, increasing satisfaction and ensuring compliance.

(CSWM) Workforce Management

Create a central hub for employee information with the FreeBalance (CSWM) Workforce Management module.

From job descriptions to appraisal scores, this module manages employee data in one secure, user-friendly tool. Easy access to information at organizational and individual employee level supports informed decision-making and reduces administrative time.

Governments maintain a comprehensive view of the Ministry, Department and Agencies’ (MDAs) organizational structure. This includes the overall number and distribution of classes, grades and position.

(CSLM) Leave Management

Manage leave entitlement, allocation and payments with ease.

The FreeBalance (CSLM) Leave Management module enables simple management of short- and long-term employee leave.

Workflow configuration includes year start/end dates, maximum days allowed, and types (vacation, sickness, maternity, study etc).

Integration with the payroll system means that salary payments are automatically updated for unpaid or partially paid leave.

If an employee leaves the organization, remaining leave entitlement can be converted to payment. Long-term leave processing also updates employee assignment records.

(CSDM) Disciplinary Management

Maximize HR administrative efficiency and compliance while ensuring a fair and structured approach to employee relations.

The FreeBalance (CSDM) Disciplinary Management module efficiently handles disciplinary, dispute, and grievance processes, streamlining workflows and making it easy to track disciplinary actions that may affect payments to employees.

Government-specific requirements are effortlessly managed with customizable actions, forms and process flows. Organizations can ensure the security of employee records, and maintain compliance with all relevant regulations.

(CSPR) Payroll

Simplify payroll complexities and guarantee accurate payroll processing.

The FreeBalance (CSPR) Payroll management module enables governments to effectively and accurately manage payments to employees.

Employee earnings, such as basic salaries and bonuses, can be easily configured, computed and paid, while ensuring deductions such as tax, loans and pension deductions are correctly applied.

Linked to salary scales, assignments, and benefits, this module ensures accurate and timely payroll processing, minimizing errors and enhancing financial control.

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