In total, Uganda has eliminated almost 14,000 ghosts out of an establishment of a little over 300,000 public servants.

— Public Finance International, 2016

Setting the Standard for Civil Service Management in Africa

Since 2009, the Government of Uganda has used the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ as an Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (IPPS). Implementation of IPPS was part of the public service reform program aimed at strengthening accountability and improved service delivery through automation of human resource functions and provision of reliable and timely information for decision making. The payroll system manages the entire public service workforce.

Recent upgrades to the IPPS enable automation of all human resource functions and processes, as well as seamless integration with other government systems notably the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS), the National Security Information System and program-based budgeting.

There are good controls over the size and structure of the Civil Service with establishment changes needing to be approved by Ministry of Public Services (MOPS). The Integrated Personnel and Payroll System reforms and related control disciplines, such as extensive payroll audits of both the payroll and pensions databases and the introduction of biometric ID’s have also contributed to the improvements.

— PEFA assessment report, 2017


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Uganda’s PFM Achievements

Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Assessment

The Government of Uganda has achieved a significant improvement in their PEFA assessment scores for payroll control over the years. The 2017 assessment noted that payroll functions had improved since the previous study, despite some disruption caused by decentralization policies.


PEFA Assessment 2017                                                                                           PEFA Assessment 2008


Open Budget Index

The Government of Uganda has achieved an improvement of close to 30% in its Open Budget Index scores and remains well ahead of the global average.

Uganda Open Budget Index

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